Case Ikê Assistência

Betta Global Partner develops the new Technology structure for Ikê Assistência. The private cloud optimized capacity, reduced TCO and increased cyber security.


Two factors led Ikê Assistência from Brasil to modernize its information technology infrastructure. The first one was growth: the multinational company arrived in Brazil 10 years ago and accumulated 314% growth in the last 4 years. The second reason was the renewal of PCI – DSS certification from the Security Standards Council, formed by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard and Visa that, in 2006, set the rules that guarantee security while managing credit cards data in transactions.

“After PCI 2015 audit, we started restructuring our servers; apart from that, it was mandatory in the near future to increase our security level and data protection through more solid and scalable solutions, that is, we had the challenge of promoting a radical change in our IT environment. At that moment, we sought Betta Global Partner’s support,” states Marcelo Di Palma,  Ikê Assistência Brazil Operation and IT Head.

“Currently, technology is a strategic matter that makes all the difference for success. It is necessary to rely on a solid structure, capable of supporting and directing processes like this.  This new reality demands a broader vision of the technology available in the market and how it can support organizations to meet the business goals,” explains Emerson Altomani, Betta Global Partner Business Head.

Through its own methodology, Betta Global Partner performed a detailed analysis of the chances for the new structure and indicated a project based on server virtualization (private cloud), data protection “Always on” with 3-2-1 strategy and cybersecurity solutions based on state-of-the-art firewall, high-security wireless network and management tools with high-level detail.

“Digital transformation in companies demands an increasingly counseling and strategic role from integrators; knowing how to translate business needs into digital solutions, such as investments in innovation, is essential to strengthen partnerships with our clients.  Our workforce, highly specialized in solutions of global technology leaders like Microsoft, VMware, Fortinet, HP, Avaya, Oracle and others, enables us to implement disruptive solutions like those adopted in the technological environment of Ikê Assistência Brazil,” said Marco Astorga, Betta Global Partner Chief Delivery Officer.

“By acquiring the infrastructure project with datacenter in the cloud, we saved 50% with respect to the costs of simply updating what we already had. Today, we have an environment with high-level resilience and easy scalability and functioning; it is also worth mentioning the reduction in ownership costs given that the current architecture requires less energy,” concludes Marcelo Di Palma.

Emerson Altomani  explains that the new architecture in private clouds has optimized management and it even has continuous technical support from Betta Global Partner support team, which frees the IT team from IKÊ Assistência so that they focus on the specific demands of the business.
The implementation of the setting was performed by Betta Global Partner team in three phases:  the migration of operations from the datacenter (servers), the migration of the cybersecurity structure and the wireless network as well as the adjustments to comply with PCI – DSS, this phase being the most important one since it enables the revalidation of certificates.   All the activities were planned in line with IKÊ Assistência IT team with the purpose of generating a minimum impact on business operations.

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