Case Geolab

With Avaya network project implemented by our partner, Betta Global Partner, all the segmentation of Geolab network was performed according to the needs of the company's different areas.


Geolab Indústria Farmacêutica S/A is a young company established in the Industrial District of Anápolis – DAIA – in Goiás, the largest pharmacochemical pole in Latin America. With 100% national equity, Geolab reinforces its commitment to local entrepreneurship. Nowadays, the company employs around 1200 professionals and has a portfolio of over 200 products considering both the pharmaceutical and hospital channels. Geolab works across the nation, partnered with the main distributors in the country, to deliver the quality and safety of its medicines to the Brazilian population.

In November 2013, Geolab suffered a serious accident in its facilities: a huge fire destroyed the plant, including the infrastructure of the network that served around 700 points.

Given the need for rebuilding the whole infrastructure, the company started to investigate the network solutions available in the market, initially focused on rebuilding the plant’s data network. However, during the analysis phase, Geolab perceived that it was possible to implement a more solid network infrastructure that enabled complete management and offered more speed in satisfying the current business needs of the company.  After a long investigation, Geolab chose Avaya through our partner, Betta Global Partner.

Avaya’s networks solution presented the best scenario for the client, who considered the quality of the solution, the delivery and the final price.

2 Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 4550


With Avaya’s network project, implemented by our partner, Betta Global Partner, all the segmentation of Geolab’s network was performed according to the needs of the company’s different areas. The pharmaceutical area performed the segmentation between the lab, administrative, industrial and wireless networks. The new solution presents high availability and a strong contingency system, apart from easy management that enables, for example, to identify package loss fast, perform traffic control and prevent attacks. Geolab obtained more security, speed and optimized the company processes, mainly in the logistics and production areas. With a more agile network, the separation of products today is performed faster and with lower error rates, which is also reflected in end customers’ satisfaction.

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