Case Jamef

With integrated solutions, the company specialized in break bulk cargo relies on Avaya technology for customer service in its 27 branches spread throughout the country.


For Jamef, urgency is a priority. Providing service across the nation, with a fleet of over one thousand vehicles, Jamef has been present for more than 50 years in the transport sector and knows that commitment with clients goes way beyond a simple delivery: it demands monitoring and speed in customer service. With 27 branches in Brazil, the communication system received an upgrade to improve the experience of internal users and the management and monitoring of customer service quality.


“Our communication system was decentralized and each brand ended up generating control reports that were spread all around.  We also have a professional voice recording,” states Andres Luiz Costa, Jamef IT Manager.

By modernizing the telephone system, the company prioritized having the latest technology, 100% compatible with voice over IP, with more centralization in the control of Service Points (the SPs) and improvements in the management reports of the customer service team. Betta Global Partner – a company that integrates IT and Telecom solutions, and Avaya’s business partner – entered that scenario. Its mission in the project was to combine the delivery of innovative solutions with an excellent cost-benefit.


With Jamef’s headquarters located in Belo Horizonte, the first step was to install the server at the headquarters with VMware setting, so as to perform the remote monitoring of all the branches. Then, the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager solution was implemented, which enables to virtually assess the performance of agents in real time, through a multi-channel communication. Nowadays, Jamef works with a total of 326 Service Points. By speeding up customer service and unifying the reports, Avaya allowed Jamef to have a centralized system and also an interaction between units, reducing the need of monitoring agents in all the points.

“Before, it was necessary to place a monitor in every branch. Nowadays, the monitor of the branch in San Pablo remotely checks all the information, the average response time, and it compares with the other units much faster. With the current solution and its flexibility and adaptation to Avaya resources in the existing structures, it is possible to service the 27 units, which add up to 1042 extensions, keeping the same investment,” says Costa.


Through the server set at the company’s headquarters, calls from any extension can be recorded. Practicality is extremely important for Jamef which, in case of need, can review the customer service record. The project lasted a year and two months in all, finishing in June 2016. Trainings were implemented in phases, by branch groups, and the largest ones were saved for last. “Finding windows for implementation and team training was a big challenge.   And even with some contingencies along the process, the final result was positive: we obtained user approval with the new system and the perception of Jamef’s board of directors with the management profit and client satisfaction through the tools,” concludes Costa.  

For Emerson Altomani, Betta Global Partner Business and Marketing Head, Betta’s teamwork and Jamef’s help throughout the process, contributed to the project success.


“We can provide quality and fast service in all of Jamef’s units. This project makes all of us in Betta Global Partner very proud,” he completed.

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