Case PST Electronics

PST Electronics reduced 56% of the costs in telephony, adopting Avaya’s human IVR. The project, which also included communication integration, increased the call hold by 38%.


So as to reduce costs in the Contact Center and to improve the customer service experience, PST Electronics, leader in automotive safety and a landmark in the development of technological solutions for electronic tracking and security, adopted human IVR and its solutions, which will enable communication integration. The project, based on the advice of Betta Global Partner consultancy and Avaya solutions, allowed the automation of customer service processes and a more collaborative communication by gathering data, voice and video networks in a single platform.

“When we decided to invest in the project, our biggest challenge was to automatize the processes so as to improve our clients’ experience and to reduce costs. Our aim was to expand the Contact Center without allocating more resources and physical space for that – by then, we already had 150 agents,” stated Bruno Oliveira Gillioli, PST Electronics Technology & Information Manager.

“We need to improve the performance of existing solutions with tools that will optimize customer service and facilitate decision making. IVR was important for result performance and business strategy,” he added.

In order to assess the scenario and define the best solutions to be adopted, the company relied on the counseling services of Betta Global Partner who, after analyzing and mapping PST’s main needs, implemented an Avaya solution that helped improve the company’s communication processes.  Soon after, PST Electronics also adopted human IVR and customer service became much faster and more intuitive.

Human IVR as differential

IVR improved PST customer experience considerably and impacted positively on its results. Since the company also acts on the tracking and insurance areas, it receives many calls for vehicle checking, maninly in cases of robbery. “The result was a 56% reduction in telephony expenses.  Since the solutions were solid, there was also a significant improvement in the quality of calls. On the other hand, the access to more consistent reports for Contact Center analysis contributed to the management of the whole site,” indicated Gillioli.

Other processes, which used to demand the intervention of agents, also became faster for clients. Services such as asking for a copy of a payment form, scheduling the installation of trackers and even sending reminders have been automated.  Even the outbound process became faster, given that now all the agents rely on a more complete database.  When human customer service is needed, the agent receives the client’s record, which enables to solve problems more efficiently. Also, the units (Campinas and Manaus) provide service with IP Avaya Aura telephony and management is centralized.

According to Leonardo Hokumura, Betta Global Partner Service Head, the counseling service developed for PST was essential for the team to understand the clients’ needs in depth and choose a completely customized solution. For him, human IVR has had a strategic role in organizations. “The difference of Avaya automated IVR is remarkable when we see the number of resources that the company could cut down to improve its clients’ experience in relation to service.  When it is properly aligned with the company’s needs, the IVR not only enables a better relationship with its audience, but also makes it stand out among competitors,” he highlights.

The project reinforces Avaya’s performance in the strategic segment of insurance. According to the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep), this market achieved 18.6% growth in 2015, compared with 2014. “The success of projects like this one only reinforces the quality of our services. We have a complete portfolio of high quality, stability and solidity solutions at a competitive price, which adapts to companies of different profiles and segments,” concludes Ricardo Pena, Avaya Professional Service Head.

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