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Speed and agility are key words for a Customer Care service company. Since its beginnings, in Brazil, Almaviva relies on Avaya and Betta Global Partner alliance to keep business working at the speed and with the agility its clients need.


Almaviva do Brasil focuses on offering the best technology and innovation to provide its clients and their clients with quality service. Since it started operating in the country, in August 2006, the company has been known in the Brazilian corporate market for its assets that combine experience, high-standard technology, excellence in service customization, a revolutionary practice of people management and, most importantly, the surpassing of expectations and complete satisfaction of clients. To achieve this, Almaviva invests constantly to keep its infrastructure updated with leading technology.

Having Avaya’s Aura platform and Betta Global Partner as the business partner, which offers all the integration support since the initial operations enabled the company to grow fast and consistently in the country.  The easy integration and implementation enable, for example, a new operation or unit to be implemented in less than 20 days.  Only by the end of March 2016, two implementations were performed with over 400 positions, in a fast way and with the smoothness that the client’s needs. The proof of success is in the figures: in the last few years, Almaviva platform has grown 40% in customer care points.

With easy integration and reports for controls, Almaviva today has approximately 11,000 Avaya licenses in use in its 10 sites distributed throughout Brazil (San Pablo, Alagoas, Sergipe, Minas Gerais, Piauí and Brasilia).  Also, the sites are redundant through the system with high availability keeping the setting constantly operating, not risking the availability of its clients’ business. The easy integration offered by Avaya open platform is a great differentiating attribute for Almaviva do Brasil and its clients, who can choose among customized implementations, isolating isles, rooms or even whole buildings according to specific requests. There are around 15 million calls per month, and the Avaya platform supports all the customer care demand.

For example, the smart routing of calls allows the client to be serviced by the most compatible operator for their needs, and customized reports offer a real-time view of everything that happens during each call, giving the chance of making a fast decision and speeding up the business. 

“Almaviva is growing and seeking to make a difference based on Avaya platform.”
Luis Fernando Monteiro Thinen, Almaviva Information Technology Head


Present and Future

Since 2013, Almaviva has been constantly investing in updating all Avaya platforms, apart from migrating from traditional telephony to IP, which added mobility features and more stability in customer care.

In the ongoing project, Almaviva will move to the next level of high technology, adding SIP trunks to its solution. SIP topology, defined together with the client, offered an actual gain in speed, making it possible to carry out a greater number of operations than what they used to. The topology also anticipates the implementation of SBC “Session Border Controller”, which acts as SIP firewall to detect and avoid hackers and attacks, complying with the current market trends for telephone smart networks and in line with Almaviva’s proposal of safe unified communications.

Much more than suppliers, Betta Global Partner and Avaya pretend to be allies, an Almaviva’s reliable counselor, Trusted Advisor for. Keeping a close relationship with clients, it is possible to satisfy the business needs and offer customized solutions, with added value, which provide an excellent return on investment apart from cost reduction.  This way, we can help Avamaviva offer the best services for its clients.

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