Stability and flexibility were two of the key points that led SOAP to look for more efficient telephone system.


SOAP (State of The Art Presentations) is a young company, founded in 2003, that nowadays has 83 of the 100 largest and best Brazilian companies in its client portfolio. Organized in two business lines – SOAP Solutions, with presentations and corporate videos, and SOAP Training, with on-site and online coaching and workshops– the company, specialized in solutions for corporate presentations, has developed a pioneering methodology to help companies and executives increase their chances of success in crucial moments.

Challenges in customer service

To keep a direct, close and high-quality relationship with clients is a crucial aspect of SOAP business. Most of the daily contact is done by phone and the analogue telephone system, with a simple switchboard, no longer covered the needs of almost 80 internal users and of the clients that reach out every day. With the fast business growth, the number of calls soared and problems started to be recurrent. Due to busy extensions, call forwarding impossible to make and a front desk that could not pick up all the calls, it was necessary to adopt a solution that solved all those challenges and offered stability, as well as flexibility and support for the potential growth.

A successful partnership

Since 2009, SOAP had been Betta Global Partner’s client, Avaya’s business partner, responsible for the IT maintenance of the company, with a technician assigned to each client. In order to meet the telephone service challenges, Betta Global Partner implemented Avaya’s IP Office, a complete collaboration solution for Midmarket companies. After the implementation, which took only one day, SOAP could achieve 100% stability in its telephone environment. Shortly, everyone was already used to the new IP telephones and the number of incidents reached zero. Apart from the complete stability of the environment, SOAP also acquired flexibility for its users. Before, when one of the staff members needed, for example, to switch tables, the simple transfer of the extension from one place to another was complicated and took time; now, everything is done automatically and almost immediately.

Adding new extensions is no longer a challenge. The next step for the company will be to implement a direct extension to talk with the Portuguese unit, without the need of international calls and, thus, saving more money. Now, the front desk has more control over the calls, external as well as internal. The new system, with LED indicator lights, helps to see the extensions in use and speeds up the response time for clients. Of the 80 internal users, 10 are from the business sector and other 10 serve clients permanently. Betta Global Partner developed a user’s guide to help everyone get used to the new Avaya Deskphones and the SIP extensions, so the implementation of the new technology was carried out smoothly and fast.

“Since we are a company that creates, we have a very dynamic team, with a great internal mobility. The solution adopted, enables us to change and respond fast”.
Denis Dourado, Responsible for IT.

Avaya solutions:

• Avaya IP Office platform
• Digital series Deskphones 1400

For the Future

One of the greatest advantages of Avaya IP Office platform is that it enables mobility , and this is precisely SOAP’s next step. Having solved the customer service challenge, now the company plans to offer its staff some mobility so as to improve the customer service experience even more. Betta Global Partner’s excellent service to SOAP allows the company to be at ease with the implementation of new technology, since it does not need to worry about the technical issues of the solution, enabling it to focus on what is really important and to benefit from the creativity to work on their area of expertise.

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